A gala dinner by the sea under the stars

Isn’t it beautiful when the sea is close and the breeze caresses your heart? And isn’t it beautiful when it is summer and the sunset turns the sky into a kaleidoscope? For those who won’t settle for an ordinary dinner in an ordinary place, we have the perfect idea at La Perla del Doge, located in Molfetta by the sea.

Evening wedding


The route reaching to the patio is embellished by lit stalls, each serving a specialty based on your preferences, from fresh mozzarella to fried octopus, from barbecue to Mediterranean sushi prepared on the spot.


After a rich gourmet dinner, the best dancing floor is the one under the stars by the sea. Playing the music on the stage, the DJ will make you dance ‘till late at night. If you wish, a purely instrumental jazz quartet or a live band can play in the background as you dine, entertaining you with the best international and Italian hits.


Our Luxury Events Office takes care of preparing the decorations and arrange the mise en place of your event in the style you prefer. We’ll help you choose the theme, the colour, the arrangements and everything else. You only need to enjoy yourselves!


Marriages at La Perla del Doge are perfect and the sea is the perfect backdrop to make them unforgettable. Our Luxury Events Office offers the newlyweds the chance of a spectacular arrival by boat, coming from the sea, while the guests are looking at them from the patio, as if they were behind the taffrail of a ship, waiting for you smiling and clapping their hands. Alternatively, you can climb down an elegant royal staircase connecting the internal hall to the patio, with your favourite background music, for a King and Queen-like entrance!

Create your fairy tale with us